Operation and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the ministry and the roles of various departments.

Macro Economic Planning Department

  • Coordination of the development of medium to long term strategic plan for the State.
  • Formulate economic policies for the attainment of the state development aspirations and the expansion of its economic base.
  • Carry out periodic reviews projects and programmes in order to ensure conformity with laid down objectives.
  • Source for data and information for planning purposes.
  • Focal point for coordinating activities of the Planning Research and Statistics (PRS) departments in the State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Government Areas.
  • Focal point for the State Economic Summit.

Budget Department

  • Prepare annual budget and supplementary budget of the State Government.
  • Ensure adherence to budgetary operational guidelines.
  • Issuance of call circular, and budgetary operational guidelines.
  • Collaborate with Finance, STO and DMO to harmonise financial data.
  • Advise on plans and programmes needed to achieve the designed objectives by all Revenue Collecting Agencies.
  • Revenue Stakeholders meetings and reporting.
  • Monitor budgetary control and compliance with budgetary guidelines.
  • Periodic review of budget performance.
  • Formulate and implement policies relating to budgetary matters.
  • Process expenditure requests submitted by MDAs and issue release of warrants to MDAs.

Monitoring and Evaluation Department

  • Carry out inspection of on-going projects in the development plan with a view to identifying bottlenecks in plan implementation, and advising the state government on how the bottlenecks could be minimized.
  • Prepare pre-feasibility reports on projects and also analyse and appraise projects (on which there are reports) for the purpose of determining their social and economic viability.
  • Develop and maintain a framework to support the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of government performance at the State and Local Government levels, in line with the state development goals and objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate government performance at sectional level (to measure performance of government policies in each sector of the economy), institutional level (to measure performance of government institutions) and programme level (to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of public programmes).
  • Collaborate with MDAs to develop results-focused, key performance indicators and clearly defined performance targets upon which progress would be measured.

International Cooperation and Development Partnership Department

  • Coordinate all technical assistance including intervention programmes and liaise with the National Planning Commission and Development Partners.
  • Explore ways of attracting externally funded programmes and projects to the state.
  • Source, leverage and channel donor aids and Federal Government funds to relevant MDAs.
  • Monitor donor-funded programmes/projects.
  • Hold regular consultations with development partners to maintain strong links with the coordinating technical committees on development programmes.
  • Maintain strong coordinating links with all the focal MDAs involved in donor-assisted programmes/projects.
  • Ensure the building of strong strategic partnership with Civil Society Organization (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Private Sector Organizations (PSOs).

Resident Registration and Research Department

  • Conduct resident registration exercise for persons who have been resident in the state for a continuous period of six months, notwithstanding that such persons travel out of the state periodically or works outside the state.
  • Keep open registry for continuous registration of new immigrants to the state.
  • Liaise with other MDAs in the state on the conduct of the resident registration exercise.
  • Conduct a periodic consolidation of its registry.
  • Sensitize the general public on the need for resident registration exercise.
  • Conduct research into various aspects of state government interests, public policy and ensure that the implementations and results of findings in such research are geared towards enhancement and management of the State economic, technological, human and social capabilities.

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Provide human and natural management services to other departments.
  • General office management.
  • Transport management.
  • Registry management.
  • Property management.
  • Effective utilization of human resources for the achievement of organizational goals/objectives.

Finance and Accounts Department

  • Responsible for the development and installation of an efficient accounting system for the commission.
  • Take charge of accounting duties.
  • Take charge of the disbursement of funds of the commission.
  • Manage all funds and public money due and receivable in the Commission.
  • Advise the Chief Executive, the Accounting Officer and other Departmental Heads on accounting matters.