Some of the achievements of the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

Achievements of the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

  • Reforms in the State Budgeting Process.
  • Transition from closed to Open Budget System in Oyo State.
  • Timely preparation of budget and its passage before the end of December, 2019.
  • Implementation of year 2020 budget with effect from 1st January.
  • Conduct of town hall meetings for the participation of citizens in the budget to ensure inclusion in the year 2020 Budget preparation.
  • Publication of budget on the website of the State Government before implementation.
  • Developed and published Citizen Budget to promote accountability and transparency.
  • Publication of Oyo State Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition (OYSSPAN: 2020-2024).
  • Creation of the Economic Intelligence Unit.
  • Mapping of Social projection programme in Oyo State (Report in draft form).
  • Development of Social Policy for Social Safety Net Programme.