Objectives & Functions

At our ministry every unit and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the ministry as we serve the public. 

Prepare Annual Estimates

Prepare annual estimates of Government which will embody projects and progammes including the broad objectives of the Government during the year.

Advisory Service

Carry out advisory services on local government budget.

Economic Management

Enhance the general state of  economic management.

Issue Release Warrants

Process and issue release warrants for government expenditure.

Allocation of Resources

Improving the allocation of resources and ensuring their prioritization.

Conduct Research

Conduct research into various aspects of the State Government interests, public policies and ensure that the implementations and results of findings in such research are geared towards enhancement of the State economic, technological, human and social capabilities and management.

Residents' Registration

Conduct resident registration exercise for person(s) who have been resident in the State for a continuous period of six months, not-withstanding that such person(s) travel out of the State periodically or works outside the state.

Control of Economic Planning

Monitor and control of economic planning matter which includes, state infrastructural planning, economic planning intelligence, periodic reports on development plan implementation.

Budget Estimates

Prepare supplementary budget estimates.

Budgetary Control

Ensure budgetary controls and instructions.

Data Management

Provide data management consultancy services.

Provide Technical Assistance

Coordinate and manage all technical assistance including intervention programmes and liaise with appropriate federal government agencies and development partners.

Organize Economic Summit

Convene economic summit as and when necessary to chart developmental course for the State.

Periodic Reviews

Carry out periodic review of the projects and programmes in the plan in order to ensure conformity with the laid down objectives, prepare feasibility report on projects so as to determine their social and economic viability, liaise with the Ministry of Finance on budgetary and financial matters.